Advanced Summer School 2017

Physics Department CINVESTAV-IPN

Mexico City July 24-28th, 2017

The Advanced Summer School will be held in Mexico City from the 24th to 28 of July, in the Physics Department of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV-IPN).

CINVESTAV is a public organization dedicated to promote, develop, and teach research in science. The CINVESTAV counts with 37 Departments, separated into 4 research areas; Exact Sciences, Biology & Medicine, Technology & Engineering, and Social Sciences & Humanities.

The Physics Department is one of the founding departments of CINVESTAV. It currectly counts with about 52 researchers working on a wide variety of research topics: Quantum and Mathematical Physics, High Energy Physics and Fields, Solid State and NanoPhysics, Statistical Physics and Soft Condensed Matter, Medical Physics and Biophysics, and General relativity and Cosmology. This Advanced Summer School aims to cover these fields and to introduce the students to these topics and to the current edge research on each subject.

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